About us

R213 Residences Botanique has its roots steeped in passion and detail, each one of the residences is carefully designed in the most creative, elegant, sophisticated, and above all practical way. R213 ensures you a genuine welcome, no matter your religion or gender, everyone is welcome and free to be themselves here. The concept of R213 residences has been skilfully orchestrated by the owners, the Liman family, whose passion for hospitality guarantees you a real “pied à terre” in Brussels.





SECURITY DEPOSIT (guarantee) According to your reservation R213, requests a 300€ damage deposit. Your damage deposit is to be settled using our online partner site SWIKLY - www.swikly.com - a highly secured rental deposit platform. Subject to an inspection, R213 will release your security deposit within a couple hours. R213 has the right to withhold part or the totality of your security deposit for the following reasons: - In the event of non-payment for consumed additional charges and or fees such as additional housekeeping services, parking, etc. - Any damage caused to the residence, all damages will be professionally assessed and quoted accordingly – Any smoke or fume related damages caused by tobacco, or any other product or device made for the purpose of smoking.

SMOKING : Smoking is prohibited, please note that R213 reserves the right to charge you for any smoke or fume related damages.

VISITORS: Out of mutual respect for our fellow neighbours, visitors are asked to leave the premises by 10 p.m.

OCCUPANCY: Your reservation is valid for the number of persons mentioned at the time of your booking, R213 will not tolerate any exception. Visitors and or non-registered persons are requested to leave the premises by 10 p.m. or be subject to a daily penalty of 125€.

QUIET HOURS: Out of mutual respect our “quiet” hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. Notwithstanding the fact that our apartments are sound insulated, certain sounds and noises may infiltrate neighbouring apartments and may be considered a nuisance. Large gatherings and parties are prohibited and are subject to an immediate eviction.

ANIMALS: R213 does not accept animals